Transform U Project
Transform U Project

"Own your transformation so you can wake up and intentionally be your very best" Frances Cuesta

What's the 90 day Transform U Project?"

The ingredients to living a healthy lifestyle aren't a secret, but knowing how to create it has its challenges. The Transform U Project is designed to make sure you understand what being healthy is by equipping you with the tools and providing you with unlimited support to make HEALTHY happen...Mind, Body & Spirit. The Transform U Project takes a systematic approach to guide your needs and support your goals.

Why should I join?
  • To reach your goals – no matter how big or small.
  • To learn how to live better day to day
  • To learn how to make better food choices
  • To get the right support and helpful information.
  • To be a part of a community of like-minded individuals – everyone you meet at RIUBC is going through the same experience as you.
What are the benefits of joining the 90 day Transform U Project?
  • Improved health and understanding of your body
  • Improved communication skills with yourself and others
  • Increased clarity on what you truly want
  • Increased knowledge of how your body works
  • Weight loss and decrease body fat
  • Increased endurance and stamina
  • Greater understanding of your circle of excellence
  • Greater relaxation and emotional control
  • Greater understanding of why you make the decisions you do
  • Decreased body fat and increased lean muscle
  • Discover your core values and how they shape who you are on a daily basis
  • Better understanding of your nutritional choices
  • Connect with like-minded women
What will be expected of me during the project?

You will be required to remain:

  • Committed
  • Consistent
  • Connected

*You are required to attend an introductory kick off information session before the start of the program.

What is the kick off information session?

We kick off the 90 day program with an information session. During this time, you'll complete your initial health assessment consisting of blood pressure screening, BMI, weight, measurement and a fitness test. This will helps us assess your starting point and map out your game plan for success. As soon as you are register, you will be assigned to an accountability coach who will provide you with your time slot for the kick off information session on April 6, 2019.

Is there a charge for the program?

While the program itself is at no charge to you, you will be required to work out at the Reinvent U Boot Camps fitness studio. Fitness class fees are not included in this complimentary program. Membership is required in order to participate in this complimentary program. Our membership fee is $50.00 per month. Auto debit is required for three months. Auto debit can be cancelled with no explanation after the 90 days

What is included in the 90 day program?
  • Kick off Information Session
  • Health Assessment
  • Lifestyle Meal Guide
  • Weekly Onsite Support Groups
  • Recipe Book
  • Before & After Fitness Test
  • Coach/Accountability partner
  • Unlimited Support & Motivation
  • Tons of Nutrition Education
How should I dress to the kick off information session?

We encourage you to dress comfortable and wear a sport bra underneath your outer wear.

What do I need to bring with me to the Kick information session?

Please make sure you bring your completed registration package, signed medical release if applicable, credit card for your fitness membership, and a smile.

What happens after I complete the 90 day program?

At the conclusion of the 90 day we will receive your achievement certificate at the Achievement ceremony where you will be able to invite family and friends to celebrate with you.

Is there another 90 day Transform U Project program in 2019?

Yes, we offer a spring edition which begins in September 2019.

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